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Prodrive_sti 09-14-2018 03:30 PM

DCH Subaru riverside ,ca - Updated!
So I'm not sure where to start here . I've had nothing but issues with this dealer from the day I ordered it to now . I ordered a 2018 forester xt touring white with black interior on 7/12/17 . I had to special order the black interior because white only came with that browning orange interior ewww. Anyways the car came in on 10/10/18 and I picked it up 10/13/18 . I told them when I ordered it to leave the plastic on and not to wash it as I was getting it ceramic coated when it came in . So upon delivery I noticed the rear passenger bumper had paint missing where is lined up with the quarter panel . It was noted and they said they would have it fixed but they didn't have anything open for 3 weeks . So three weeks goes by and they take my car with 345 miles on it and send it to be fixed . They called me a week later to pick it up . I get to the dealership to pick it up and the chip was "fixed" with touch up paint and you could still clearly see the original chip under the half assed "fix" . I told them I would not accept the job that a "body shop " did . I should mention that I worked at a body shop for 3 years while I was going to school . So they have the body shop "fix" it again . They call me a week later and say it's ready for pickup . I get to the dealer again to pick up the car and when I went to look at it I was beyond pissed . They painted it this time and the clear had chunks of dirt in it , and when I say chunks the service manager said he wouldn't of called me down to pick it up had he seen that . So at this point he calls the auto body shop owner down and she comes over , I told her that it was a unacceptable that the clear had dirt in it and they needed to redo it . She said they already have done the job twice and they lost money doing it the second time . At this point I pulled out my camera and showed the halfass touch up they did the first time and she is in person for this issue , I finally told the service manager they can either keep the car and they can give me my money back or they needed the issue fixed right this time . They made the shop take it back to fix it . They called me three weeks later and Facetimed me so I didn't waste more time driving down , I came down to get the car and it was to my satisfaction this time . ( note at the time I got the car I walked the lot and 8 of the 9 foresters had the same paint chip from rubbing and I let the manager know of the issue ). Let's move on to after I pick the car up . So I picked the car up and noticed the audio setup was all funky , i reset everything to how I originally set them , now the rear driver side speaker with cracking up bad on talk radio , it didn't when I got the car . I went in for my first oil change and told them about the issue , my service writer at the time went out and said it's only on am and that they couldn't do anything about the cracking . So I insist they replace the speaker as the car didn't have the issue when I bought it , the ordered the speaker and said they would call when it came in , guess what they never did . So now at this point the car has 11,400 miles and I call to setup and appointment for my oil change and to ask if they ordered the speaker , they said it was here for two weeks but I never came in so they sent it back , I told them to reorder it and to change it when I get the oil change done . The next day I'm getting on the freeway and a loud noise is coming from the front lower end of the motor like a blown turbo , I called the dealer and let them know I had a issue and they said to bring it in . They had me come in the next day , so I get to the dealer that morning and they said while the car is here do you want to do the oil change and tire rotation , to save a trip I said yes . They write it up and I said I'd wait to see what they find , service writer comes back 40 minutes later and says the car is done . He goes on to tell me that the tech did he oil change and tire rotation and found he issue I was having. He goes in to ask what gas I use , I told him 91 from shell , he calls the tech and said he uses 91 from shell . The tech said he can't be that the issue I was having was "pinging" from cheap quality gas . So the service writer said maybe it was a bad tank , okay I can understand maybe they put 89 or 87 in the 91 tank and they didn't catch it . So I run the car easy til I had one bar left for gas . I fill up at shell with 91 and get on the road and let it run the day going easy until it was only 91 I. The tank for sure . So the next day I do the same thing and get on it getting up to speed on the on ramp and the same noise happens , now I knew it could of been the gas two times in a row causing the same issue , I called the dealer and let them know the same issue is happening , they said run this tank and fill it again and if it happens on the third tank to bring it in to look at it again , so I run the tank down again to one bar , I went to the 76 vp station and get 4 gallons of 100 octane and fill the rest with 91 , at this point I should be around 93/95 octane , I ge on the freeway and did a pull same issue , called the dealer and said I was bringing it in and they needed to fix the issue , get get to the dealer the next day and went to the test drive with the master tech , not even 1/4 mile away from the dealer he tells me it's not the gas and it sounded like a bad turbo . We get back and I asked if it was the turbo that they flush and replace the oil and coolant . They have me a loaner and sent me on my way , they called me that day and told me the car with finished . They said it was a blown gasket on the turbo side and they replaced all exhaust gaskets and flushed he polio and coolant , I go in the next day and pick the car up and it drives like the day I bought it . I got home and noticed on the drive side front and rear wheel damage near the spoke in the same spot on both wheels like it was dropped on a tool box or the wheel stud , I emailed the manager and let him know about this issue and told them I want the wheels replaced . Still waiting on a email back . At this point I should tell you that the car has only been garages and driven by myself or someone from the dealer , non of the wheels have any other damage other then the two new spots after the rotation . I feel like I've given them time to get back to me about the issue and I don't know what the next step I should take is . Sorry this is so long and thanks for anything you might have to add .

Nasarog 09-17-2018 11:00 AM

Did you contact subaru of america and share your experiences with them.

Prodrive_sti 09-17-2018 12:18 PM

I emailed the manager of the dealer and still nothing , I would rather give them the chance to make it better first . I'll be in contact with them at the end of the week if I don't get a email back .

Nasarog 09-18-2018 03:51 AM

Don't wait. This stealership has already shown you what it's about.

Prodrive_sti 09-21-2018 01:10 PM

I contacted soa and they said they will be contacting the dealer , I should hear back mid week next week . I'll update when they do

Nasarog 09-23-2018 12:49 PM

Good, and good luck. I had several bad experiences with a Subaru dealer in Van Nuys before moving to CT. Those people suck!

Oh well, when I got to CT, I was in a Subaru within 6 months. Haven't looked back.

Prodrive_sti 09-26-2018 11:54 AM

So today SOA called me , they said that the dealer ordered the two wheels and they will be in later this week , he also said the deal claims they contacted me ( they didn't )anyways , soa said they will be following up with me to make sure they came thru and replaced the damaged wheels .

Nasarog 09-26-2018 01:47 PM

@Prodrive_sti - Bravo!!! I'm glad SoA is stepping up and you are getting the help you need. Good on SoA, and ugh on the garbage stealership.

Prodrive_sti 10-09-2018 09:51 AM

So I thought I'd give a update , so as of this last Friday 10/5/18 dch had still not contacted me about my issues , while driving home Friday the noise that sounds like a penny in a cab came back . So this is the 3rd time in less then a year this has happened . I was beyond pissed and called dch myself . The service manager starts with the wheels should be here in 5-6 days , I said the wheels are the last thing I care about at this point , I tell him about the noise coming back and he wanted me to bring it in . I was heading out of town for the weekend and was taking my other car anyways and said I don't have it over Monday . I then asked why nobody called or emailed me about the wheels issue and he said I told so and so to call you and let you know what's going on . I told him that the store manager never emailed or called me back , the service manager " guy I was on Thebes phone with , or so and so never contacted me . He takes the blame and said he should of been the one to call and he would be talking to so and so Monday . I told him I don't think I want the car anymore due to it being in for service 7 times in less then 11 months , three times for this gasket issue . So on the way to work Monday morning the car shuttered and the vdc , abs and check engine light come on 4 miles from work . I pulled over and nothing seemed to be wrong , so I drove to work the last 4 miles . I called Monday morning and told him about the issue , he wanted it towed but subaru roadside tows to the nearest dealer " not them " so I told him I was calling SOA about the new issue and I was told to drive it to the dealer by soa . They started the paperwork for lemon law they said it will take 7 days to get back to me and let me know what they say . So now it's a waiting game the next seven days . The tech I spoke with that fixed it last time said he had another xt last week with the same issue , he said the manifold was warped and they replaced it . At this point I just want another car " not a Subaru ". And hope for the best . So that's my update I'll get back when the dealer calls and when SOA calls

FozzieBalou 10-09-2018 10:35 AM

Sorry you're having back luck with your XT and dealing with DCH ... I live a bit east of you in PS and have had nothing but mostly good luck with PS Subaru here...

Question on the manifold issue and the noise...

I've had a sound like a ping or knock for a while now - usually happens between 2200 RPM and 3500 RPM on acceleration. The service writer, manger and "master tech" have all heard the noise but I've been told "it's a normal engine sound" ... Oh, so not a normal sound. I'm used to the rougher engine noise from the flat four layout, but pinging? Nope.

So what manifold is it that they think is causing the issue - the exhaust, the intake or something specific to the turbo? And what's the contact you have for SoA SoCal? I may need to / want to talk to them.

Prodrive_sti 10-09-2018 11:23 AM

Where the exhaust manifold mates with the head , the second time I took it in they found the bolt backed out causing the noise . My noise is mostly when getting on the freeway "harder acceleration " the best way I could say is a penny in a soda can .

waldo98 10-17-2018 03:53 PM

Sucks to hear about your issues with your XT and with DCH Subaru in Riverside. I bought my XT through Ontario Subaru and I've had nothing but a good experience from purchasing to oil free oil change services.

80 SUBIE 12-05-2018 05:42 PM

We purchased a 2019 Fprester Sport at DCH. The deal was reasonable. They had a few "surprises" when we went to the final dealing (after indicating "no surprises" while going through first price inquiries). Another dealer wasn't willing to give me a price after bugging me, a lot, but when I asked for real numbers, the texts and e-mails just were incomplete. As in, better come in. OTOH, DCH understood "nO." when it came to the ridiculous add-ons. However, they had misplaced one of the key fobs and it's taken almost 3 weeks to get the new one. Not always straight answers on the phone or texts, I think.

ForesterSK 12-06-2018 05:33 AM

Best of luck with your car, I hope you get taken care of by SOA. If you're car is still having issues, you should look into how close you are to classifying your car as a lemon.

The limited experience I've had with Riverside DCH Subaru has been pleasant although I haven't had to deal with the service department.

Prodrive_sti 12-23-2018 05:41 PM

So soa told me that because they fixed the car ( now 4 times) and it's running as is should that they won't buy the car back . So I opened a lemon law case and I was told it could take up to 9 months . The fact I was without my car for more then 30 days (43 days with a loaner ) and they have "fixed" a issue 4 times now that it should be a done deal . The way soa handled everything in a rude way once I'm done with the bs this will be the last Subaru I own . Ever period. I'll let you all know what happens in the end

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