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Unhappy 2009 Forester XT fuel pump wire burned

Last week my 2009 Forester XT ( 138K miles ) starting loosing fuel pressure when the gas level was below 1/2 a tank.

Got it to the dealer and they suspected the same as myself that the fuel pump was dying.

Once they got to the fuel pump they found the actual power plug that connects to the fuel pump was burned on one of the wires.

So now they are saying it not only needs a new fuel pump but a new wiring harness as well....ugh!!

My question is can I replace this plug without having to replace the entire wiring harness. I feel confident that I can change out the fuel pump myself, just wonder if can find a
replacement plug or could some how get this connector to work again without too much risk.

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Quick answer, yes, you can do the repairs if you have the skills.

You may be able to source that cable, you have in your hand, from a wrecker. Depending on the burn damage, you may be able to replace just the burnt connector? If not, you'd have to splice on the new cable.

One other thought is on the fuel tank module. If that connector is beyond repair, you might have to replace the entire module/assembly. Again, you might be able to source this at a wrecker?

In the meantime, if you need a running vehicle. Check the burnt connector to see if it can be tightened to so it will work without overheating. Of course this is a temporary fix & shouldn't be expected to last very long.


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Burned positive fuel pump wire connector not uncommon.

I wanted to comment and show that this is not an uncommon problem. In my 2011 Outback, I almost duplicated the image that JamesT posted.

The car was not showing signs of a fuel issue except for a slight lag in starting (I thought initially the battery was getting weak). It suddenly died on the highway, and would not restart.

After checking for spark/ignition, I moved on to fuel. There was zero fuel pressure. Upon removing the rear seat and pulling the power connector from the fuel pump, the burned connector was obvious. It got so hot that the metal piece from the pass-through connection (through the fuel filter portion at the top of the fuel pump) melted the plastic around it, and came out with the harness connector.

It is not a comforting thought that I had burning electrical connectors just below my passenger seat and above the fuel tank.

My electrical theory is that the connector became corroded. As the corrosion increased, the resistance also increased, which creates heat at the point of resistance. The fuse did not blow, so there is no failsafe for this situation.

This happens after the warranty has lapsed but really seems like it should be a recall issue.

Replacing the entire wiring harness is not reasonable, so off the junkyard to find a Forester or Outback with the same connector as a donor. Another option is soldering wires directly to the replacement fuel filter/pump. The filter kit is available separately, but hard to find, and a bit of extra labor.

Take a look at the connector on the fuel-tank-side of the filter/flange. I found mine is burned up pretty bad (see image). I bought the filter so that I could rebuild the pump assembly, but now realize I need to get a donor connector for that too. While the fuel to air ratio is probably too rich inside the tank for combustion, this again is not a comforting thought to have burning wires literally inside your fuel tank.

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Same thing happened to my 2011 Legacy, left me stranded on the side of the road, got towed home
Next day, car wouldn’t start, fuel pump relay clicks but FP itself doesn’t make any sound, so I go and check for voltage actually getting there, only to find the voltage pin is burned badly, I still get voltage in the harness though

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@gwest9 I just wanted to comment at this exact same thing happened to me 2 days ago. Mine wasn't sporadic, took like a 70-mile drive, parked the car, turn it off, and then no fuel in the morning.

The burning wasnt as obvious as yours, but the same connector was melted into the housing. I missed it putting in a new fuel pump. tested it on a battery "no way we have two bad pumps."

I guess I know now to check every connector before replacing the obvious thing. It was invisible though.. and it was the only connector you don't have to remove to take out the pump.

I don't want sparks and melting in my gas tank either, especially when I'm like *** trying to get the fuel pump to prime.

This car is an 08 outback xt with 70k miles

Anyway I was wondering if that's a recall or something. Guess not..

Sorry for bumping an old thread if that's a thing

By the way.. fuel pump and housing are non serviceable parts of the car? !?!
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Looks like iWire is stocking these connectors now.

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I doubt replacing these connectors alone is solving the problem. Looks like a the ground wire is what's burning up which suggests bad grounding elsewhere and putting additional load on that connection's ground.
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