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NSXNM3 11-29-2016 03:37 PM

2007 or 2008 FXT Sports (NJ)
Hello members, this post will serve as my official WTB thread. Let me start by clarifying what I am looking for as the post title suggests. With that being said, I am only looking for the following:

2007 or 2008 FXT Sports in WRB <~~ Repeat, WRB ONLY. ( I MAYYYY consider Garnet Red Pearl as it closely resembles my recently sold Acura TL-S.)

Transmission: 5MT would be nice, but I am willing to purchase an automatic transmission vehicle.

Mileage & condition: Mileage doesn't really matter to me but nothing too, too much. (Over 125k I would hope there are maintenance records to back up the price being asked.) In terms of condition, I am looking for a vehicle with a clean title and no body damage. Interior wise, I'd like it to be as clean as possible. (But hey, I know it's a Subaru and a potentially 9 or 10 year old car.)

Modifications: Honestly, I'd like the car I purchase to be as close to stock as possible. (Rims and suspension are OK.) Reason being, I am a firm believer that everyone has different tastes and cosmetic or performance mods are extremely subjective to the owner. Quite frankly, having been on the car scene and numerous forums for quite some time, I know we all like to obtain the most on our ROI but this car will be a DD for me throughout the winter as I store my other fun toys I drive. (Hence my username.)

Budget: I am seeing a variance in prices asked for what I'm looking for and I missed an INCREDIBLE deal on EXACTLY what I am looking for last week in Tennessee. (2008 FXTS in WRB with 103k miles for $8k.) Even though I need a DD, I will say that I am prepared to extend the budget a little bit, but will not overpay for what's out there. Cash is in hand, and if the right car comes up, I am willing to travel from NJ for the right deal. (I purchased my NSX from CA, completed the deal in the afternoon, flew home the next morning, and shipped it back.)

What is boggling my mind I must say is, I have been reaching out to forum members who have this exact car for sale, but it seems they have fallen off of the face of the earth or are not selling anymore. So if you are reading this and are contemplating a sale, please reach out to me via PM. I will be checking the forum and my messages regularly until I find what I am looking for. Thank you all.

NSXNM3 12-05-2016 01:05 PM

Bump, still looking. I know someone out there may want something new or could us the cash for some Christmas presents! Remember, cash in hand!!

cjecpa 12-12-2016 08:39 AM

Found this one only 80k maybe over your budget but who knows.

2007 Forester FXT WRB Sport

Good luck on your search.

NSXNM3 12-12-2016 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by cjecpa (Post 6488177)
Found this one only 80k maybe over your budget but who knows.

2007 Forester FXT WRB Sport

Good luck on your search.

Thank you, I did see that one and I have been in touch with Albert. Trying to stay away from one that's heavily modified but as I browse the forum and learn more about the car, some extensive mods I may actually not mind if they improve the overall aesthetic and performance of the car I ultimately purchase. (And budget is open... :smile2 for the right car. )

NSXNM3 12-21-2016 04:29 AM

Mods, you can lock this thread up. I picked up a vehicle yesterday.

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