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bluetooth, sound, AA issues

This is my first post and I hope I am doing it correctly! I got my 2019 Forester in April and had the same issues. Short answer about the sound issue you are having : make sure the volume is turned up on your phone, and you may be getting drop outs when your phone is receiving emails or text notifications.

Now, for my story about this:
I took delivery of my Forester mid April and day of delivery they wired my phone to the car, contacts downloaded, etc etc. Then, on my own, I noticed all the issues mentioned here about weirdness with Android Auto, not being able to play my music, Google voice command dropping out and inconsistency with bluetooth. So I made an appt for my "Love" visit with Subaru. The tech there told me all these problems were 1) because the Starlink app was bad then 2) because my cable was bad 3) because my phone was bad 4)...when his phone wouldn't connect via bluetooth, that my bluetooth in the car was bad and I needed a service appointment (!).

Well, he was wrong about all of these things.

What I've determined by trial and error is that my phone (a Pixel2) connects *just fine* by bluetooth to my car AS LONG AS I do not have the cable plugged in trying to use Android Auto at the same time. I have to run things off my phone screen for the most part, but can use the steering column buttons to make calls, receive my texts read aloud to me while driving, and play all my audio books and media from the phone trouble free through the car speakers. I could even use Google maps on my phone if I wanted, but I will use Android Auto for the maps feature when I need it. I know its limitations now.

In short, it would be great if AA would work to also play my media content like I want it to, but for now, I'll take what I can get. :)
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