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Originally Posted by DragonSubie7 View Post
@SubieGirl19 - Wow - Sounds like a royal pain.
The last place you want to visit after a new car is the dealership over and over and over and...
You (and others) have convinced me not to upgrade. I wouldn't tolerate half the issues you had in a new car.
The OP is wanting the Eyesight system to stop the vehicle in a situation that the Eyesight is not designed for. There’s nothing wrong with it. It operates just as it’s designed to do.

The OP sees fully stopped vehicles up ahead yet continues to barrel down the road in hopes Eyesight will stop the vehicle.
It very well could stop it but unless Eyesight has locked into a target it will not slow down.
I have come across this scenario many times in city traffic. Adaptive Cruise set at 60mph and no target lock. Come up to redlight with vehicles stopped. I know my Eyesight, even with full bars selected, will possibly not slow down enough nor in time once a target is locked. Solution? Press down on the brake pedal.

The OP also may want to double check the amount of “bars” used during Adaptive Cruise operations.
In any case, Eyesight has worked flawlessly for my in various condition. We do need to pay attention to the limits of this technology however.
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