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Originally Posted by pnwchuy View Post
Looks great man! Giving me ideas.
Thanks man! And yay, this thread is alive.

Originally Posted by danornan View Post
Without any type of A/B test, it would be difficult to determine if the changes that you made improved the handling or were just for looks.. Were any comparisons made before your trip and what did all of the changes cost?
Well I didn't expect the changes to improve the handling. I simply wanted a bit better off-road capability and of course I like the look. The only type of A/B testing I did was a few road trips. My Forester is still relatively new so had only done one long trip with the OEM setup.

Originally Posted by coregrind View Post
I was going back and forth on tire brands and sizes recently. In the end, on my '19, I went with the Discoverer AT3 4S as well but in 215/65R17 and on Drag DR-66 in 17 x 7 +40. The overall weight was a match to the OEM setup and the height only increased by 3/8". Next time, I might go with them in the 235/60R17 fitment. The Cooper tire has been great, in my limited amount of miles on them so far (just over 1K). The ride quality is excellent and noise level, as far as I can tell, hasn't changed from stock.
Same here, the ride quality is excellent. I'm also happy I dropped down a wheel size for some crappy inner city roads.

Originally Posted by uhuhuh View Post
Could you speak a little about why you decided to go with 235/60 R17 over the 225/65 R17? Just to stay closer to stock wheel diameter?

I went with the 225/65/17s (Geolander G015) on my '18xt to counteract the loss of clearance after I put on the primitive racing skid plates. I don't plan on doing anything crazy - mostly a daily driver - but I want to feel more comfortable driving to dispersed camping sites on BLM/Forest service/National parks.

The Discoverer looks a little more aggressive tread wise, too. Whats your opinion on the wider tire now that you've driven it for awhile?
Correct, once I decided I wasn't going with the 235/65 R17 I decided to stay close to the OEM wheel diameter. And your reason for BLM/Forest service/National parks, etc... is the exaxt reason I wanted to change the setup. The wider tire feels a tad bit heavier on the steering response but nothing too noticeable. And as aggressive as the tires look, I really can't tell the difference between them and the OEM ones. I can tell you they worked EXCELLENTLY in snow, ice and in heavy rainfall.

Another reason for going with a 60 instead of the taller 65 was the fear of rubbing when loaded down. I also want the primitive racing skid plates but I do think I'll lose a little ground clearance. Especially if loaded down for camping. I am thinking of a small lift just to counter the loaded down drop.
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