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@PearlWhite and @phwang7 -- thanks for your replies and trying to help. @PearlWhite ... Let me try to clarify: When I'm driving on cruise control and the traffic ahead is moving (pretty much at any speed I've tested it at, but I know it's supposed to be >30 mph) it does fine, and slows and speeds up to pace based on the distance I've set it for. But let's say I see the traffic ahead is at a dead stand-still and I'm on cruise control -- the car will continue at even full highway speed toward those stopped cars, as if it's not recognizing they are even there. I've cautiously let it go until it was uncomfortably close before braking myself -- but it sure feels like it would hit them without ever even reducing speed (I'm obviously not testing that at 60 mph or so, but it doesn't even slow at all as it's approaching). If they are moving and slowed way down, it seems to slow down accordingly-- but maybe as @phwang67 said, the Eyesight may not even be stopping me regardless. I'm going to try something like what he suggested tomorrow since now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not so sure it's working as it should, and that might be where the issue is coming from (the EyeSight, not the cruise). I'll report back within a day or so of experimenting.

I should also mention in another post when I joined this forum I described my car being a possible "lemon" -- having had countless (as in many dozens) of issues since I picked it up at 11 miles (now slightly over 1,000). After many service visits and failed updates, they replaced the infotainment system which resolved at least many of the buggy electronic things that were not allowing me to fully utilize many of the car's features. But some were safety-related from the start (although maybe not tied to the deck), where for example it hadn't been functioning correctly with the driver recognition (now better with the last fixes) and would suddenly recognize me and shift the driver's seat position while at speed (pretty scary when you don't know how far the seat is going to move or how tight the belt will get while potentially on a highway, let alone at any speed). The list is pretty long, but anything "safety" vs "buggy" is a big deal and since it's a brand new car, I sure want to be sure there's nothing wrong 'out of the box.' I just want to be confident there's still not a bigger issue.
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