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Originally Posted by garyquicker View Post
I posted the following post previously:

I have a 2019 Premium Forester which I received two days ago. I am having the following problem.
After shifting to reverse or drive the low beam headlights come on. There is no way to turn them off until the engine is stopped. It does not matter what the setting is: AUTO or any other setting.

I took this to the dealer. To make a long story short the service manager and the salesman eventually agreed. They had no answer.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this.


I received answers such as DSL.

Common sense tells me those LOW BEAM HEADLIGHTS should not come on when shifting to reverse or drive. Why have the sensor that turns your headlights on at dusk if they are already on.

Careful throwing out the common sense bit. Sounds like you haven't owned a modern vehicle. Common Sense would be to take the time to read the owners manual.

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