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Given your concerns about oil consumption and CEL. I would stop what you are doing and just focus on those to 2 things. Why are you messing around with swapping out ATF? Is it shifting badly? Does the fluid look brown/burnt? Do you or have you pulled trailers? If not leave the ATF alone. Subaru automatic transmissions are robust and do not need a whole lot of "babying"/pampering. Many here will recommend draining and swapping out the ATF filter. My Subaru has had it's ATF changed about 3 times in its life. ATF filter never changed, still the original factory ATF filter. The guys that have changed the ATF filter some have report issues with using the wrong filter. The ATF filter itself is large, Auto Trannie's in general do not produce crud that would plug the filter up. The only "crud" produced is clutch material. If your trannie is producing enough crud to clog the ATF filter, you have major problems with your trannie and changing the fluid and ATF filter will not help matters.

And changing oil on the Subaru is very very easy. So not sure why you are even letting the dealer do the oil change. Unless this is a lowered Subaru, oil changes do not require ramps or jacks. Just remove the drain plug if you have one, and make sure you have a new crush washer. Otherwise just drain the oil, remove and replace the oil filter. Put drain plug back on and put in 4L of oil......Takes all of 15mins-20mins, depending on how long you let the oil drain out of the pan. Takes more time to get to the dealer and wait there for them to change the oil......
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