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Daft question but what oil are you using? And what grade is it ?

Are you doing a lot of highway miles at high engine speeds (Over 2750RPm) or country roads where a lot of varying speeds from 40mph-60mph and back again etc?

Those types of journeys will generally use more oil than taking it slow around town in traffic.

Subaru boxers do use a bit more oil compared to conventional engines -Monitor your useage and if it becomes 1 Quart/Litre per 1,000 Miles or more, then you have a reason to be concerned, if you're using a quart/litre every oil change at 3,000-5,000 miles etc, then I think you're fine, assuming you are still passing emissions fine and no signs of trouble like mayonnaise in the oil/coolant or smoke out the exhaust etc

Do you have an Android Smartphone? If so, you can download Torque App (Lite version is free but there is a Pro version that costs like $4 from memory) and get a Bluetooth OBD2 reader off Amazon/Ebay for like $10 and then you can read your own Engine codes, save them and clear them to see if they come back.
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