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Is this the end? Oil Consumption and CEL

Hi everyone. Been forever since I posted and I hope this finds you all well.

I've had my '07 going on 10 years now. Got it with 36k or so on the clock. Had an exhaust replaced and had the HG replaced at 114k by the dealer. I am now at 164k. I've kept up on the oil changes and the like , overall have taken very good care of the car and have noticed no loss of power, no noises, leaks or foul odors outside of occasional coolant smell when the reservoir gets bounced around.

That said - my last 3 oil changes have come with mixed results. The first sign of trouble was at my regular oil change place. Tech said oil was "low" . No other description. After that I started monitoring it. No real change between oil changes. No smells or discoloration that would indicate an issue. Next oil change was at the dealer. No issue of any kind noted (and I figured if ANYONE would find a problem it would be the dealer). Last oil change - back to my oil change place and he said " your oil is sludgy ". Tried to sell me an engine flush. I said no thanks and left. I had gone over the 3k mark by about 100 miles. Usually I am right at the mark or slightly under with oil changes but life happened to have happened at the time.....

Since that time, I have watched the oil like a hawk. every fill up I am checking and the level hasn't moved. Then today I am driving to work and the CEL comes on with the blinking cruise light. I pull into the gas station and read up quick on what it could be and see that it's more or less ok until I can get it to my mechanic. BUT than I check the oil. It's low. Still on the dipstick, but below full . The car is going into the shop on Monday (local mechanic, Subaru specialist. Was going to let the dealer have a look but with the recalls they are booked out the wazoo) but am starting to wonder if this is the end for this car .

I know Subaru has certain tolerances that they have considered "acceptable" as far as oil consumption but even at high miles would the consumption come on over a 9k or so mile period?

'07 X 2.5 EAT
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