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So I thought I'd give a update , so as of this last Friday 10/5/18 dch had still not contacted me about my issues , while driving home Friday the noise that sounds like a penny in a cab came back . So this is the 3rd time in less then a year this has happened . I was beyond pissed and called dch myself . The service manager starts with the wheels should be here in 5-6 days , I said the wheels are the last thing I care about at this point , I tell him about the noise coming back and he wanted me to bring it in . I was heading out of town for the weekend and was taking my other car anyways and said I don't have it over Monday . I then asked why nobody called or emailed me about the wheels issue and he said I told so and so to call you and let you know what's going on . I told him that the store manager never emailed or called me back , the service manager " guy I was on Thebes phone with , or so and so never contacted me . He takes the blame and said he should of been the one to call and he would be talking to so and so Monday . I told him I don't think I want the car anymore due to it being in for service 7 times in less then 11 months , three times for this gasket issue . So on the way to work Monday morning the car shuttered and the vdc , abs and check engine light come on 4 miles from work . I pulled over and nothing seemed to be wrong , so I drove to work the last 4 miles . I called Monday morning and told him about the issue , he wanted it towed but subaru roadside tows to the nearest dealer " not them " so I told him I was calling SOA about the new issue and I was told to drive it to the dealer by soa . They started the paperwork for lemon law they said it will take 7 days to get back to me and let me know what they say . So now it's a waiting game the next seven days . The tech I spoke with that fixed it last time said he had another xt last week with the same issue , he said the manifold was warped and they replaced it . At this point I just want another car " not a Subaru ". And hope for the best . So that's my update I'll get back when the dealer calls and when SOA calls
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