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West Houston Subaru

Had a really great buying experience last weekend with my new 2018 Forester at West Houston Subaru. I had gone to check some vehicles out at Gillman Subaru Southwest the previous weekend and that experience wasn't bad, but not nearly as good.

West Houston is a nicer dealership aesthetically, though that's not all that important. What did make a difference though is that no one in my whole experience from the time I set foot on the lot until I drove off was pushy, even a little bit. At Gillman, the salesman was.

I came in prepared, having done lots of homework. The salesman I dealt with was new and had only sold one vehicle before mine. I had an internet price advertisement in hand on my phone, and the salesman actually thanked me for that as it meant he didn't have to play the back and forth game with the manager in order to get the price down to where I wanted it. Then when he came back with a sheet showing all the terms, I told him the payments were too high - they would need to be $75 less per month in order to make a deal. I was expecting a counter offer of about $50 less (which was the deal I was really hoping for, as it was better than what I got from the other dealership a week prior). But he came back and said they'd do exactly what I asked for! This is a dealership that will do what they can to make you a deal.

Probably my favorite part is that even in the finance office, there wasn't a sales pitch waiting for us. I know Subaru prides itself on not having hidden expenses besides the price you agree on, but I thought there would at least be some effort to squeeze more out of us. But the finance person simply showed us what extra coverages they offered and what the payments would be, and let us decide without any pressure. We got in and out of the dealership quickly, and the whole experience was easy and stress-free.

I haven't had experience with their service department yet, but I think I'll be fine when I do. One of their service techs used to work at another auto shop in Houston and was my mechanic then. He's honest and does great work - and now he works at the dealership where I bought my car, about 6 miles from my house! Needless to say I'll be requesting to have him do any service or warranty work on my vehicle. If you go there for service, request Roy Angeles to do the work. He's got all the ASE Certifications you'd want your mechanic to have, and as I said, he does great work and is honest. He's also a longtime Subaru enthusiast who knows their vehicles inside-out, which helps.

At any rate, I highly recommend West Houston Subaru.

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