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No Thanks To Patriot Subaru

About three weeks ago, I went out to start my 2017 Limited with about 10,000 miles on it, and it was d-e-a-d. No lights, no horn, no radio, no start.
So I called Patriot Subaru in Saco Maine where I bought it. Their advice over the phone was a question, do you have AAA? Why yes, yes I do I said. Thinking why they want to know that?
Two hours later, I had a new battery installed in my driveway in the pouring rain by AAA. The original battery was so flat that it did not give a voltage reading in the high-tech device AAA uses nowadays.
Patriot Subaru gave me another sleeve job, and prepped the denial of claim by implying I must have left a light on in the cargo area. I did not.
Did I argue? Nope. Do I plan on calling Subaru? Nope. Did I learn something? Yes. What did I learn? That absolutely no dealer can be trusted beyond the time they get your money.
What did I want them to do? Why come get me and fix my car, it's 10 months old, with only 10,000 miles. Did they? No. Did they offer any other solution? No. Should I buy another car from them? TBD
Now I figure I am going to get plenty of answers on this saying it is only a car, things happen, batteries fail, etc., etc., I know all that. But I was the guy that had "it" happen to him, and I am not happy with Patriot Subaru of Saco Maine.
This is my 7th Subaru, 3rd one from Patriot, no other battery failures. In fact, I don't think I have ever had a battery fail in my entire driving life-about 48 years.
What say you?

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