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It's the winter fuel blend / or cold (~0-30 deg). My 16 XT got as low as 14mpg city, and 19 hwy this past winter. Last summer I got 21 city, 28 highway. I noticed the past two weeks I'm getting about 20-25mpg, so they must have switched blends to summer. I always use 93 from the same stations. I rarely use S or S#.

It kinda sucks not even getting 200 miles out of a full tank in the winter.

I just got back from vacation renting a Chevy Cruze. It was a hybrid monstrosity that got nearly 60mpg. The engine kept shutting off and on to conserve fuel. It was awful. I owned a 90hp Scion before, and this Cruze was way slower than that. I wanted to just drive it off a cliff. I haven't been so happy to get back to my XT after vacation. I'll stick with the low MPG. Perspective.

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