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Interestingly enough I read this writeup about a year or so ago and thought, "How ingenious." Well, sure enough I now have a P0442.

First off, let me clear the air as I had one hell of a time finding anything called a CCV (valve). Of course searching google put me into a million hits pointing to Crank Case Ventilation valves, which we are obviously not talking about here. I did find info that identified the drain valve as the device I was after. It turns out that calling it a CCV valve is redundant as what you are really saying is Closed Canister Valve valve. I digress.

The sad fact is that I was unable to create any soap bubbles, at least that I could see. On a positive note, however, I was able to create a gasoline odor that using the old schnoz seemed to lead me to the old gas cap that everyone tried to throw on and hope the problem vanishes. Truth be told, I'm looking for just the o-ring for the original Subaru cap as that's what goes wrong with them, I like having the leash on my cap, and I can't see paying $XX.00 for a gas cap when it's a $2.00 O-ring that needs replacing.

So, I think the OP's writeup is a good one and worth it's weight in gold really, but you may have to get a little creative to get to the bottom of the issue. I sure hope an O-ring, or gas cap if there's no other way, solves my P0442. I'll post back with an update when I find out.

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