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Wow! Nice write up! Definitely sticky material. Now I can reply "Do a search Noob!" and refer to the sticky at the top of the page.

You also might want to add that one of the advantages of using camber bolts is that they allow you to eek out a bit more clearance between the strut and tire if necessary. Not true with the plates.

Also big ups for mentioning alignment as a huge factor in improving handling. I see so many threads on NASIOC where someone spends thousands on their suspension or ask a lot of questions about swaybar sizes and a year later are asking what alignment specs to run or are satisfied with "within spec". *** over?

You can easily spend a grand on mounting and balancing a set of summer tires yet I don't understand why people balk at paying $20-$30 more for a "to spec" alignment versus a "it's good enough" alignment when they have every "Mad tyte JDM yo" part on their car. Plus you rarely have it done more than once during the life of your tires which is usually two years or so.

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