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2004 FXT
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So I thought I would finally start a journal after a few months of laziness.

I started liking the fozzies after my aunt bought one in 2006. She bought an 05 FXT premium package and I thought that the sunroof was just awesome. Then I got to drive it. Man was it fast! Then I did a bit of research, found out it had basically an EJ257, "sleeper status" went off in my head, and I had to have one. Being I was 16 at the time, I couldnt afford a brand new one, let alone a 2004 considering they were still on the 20ks. So four years later i finally bought one!

3/8/2010 - I purchased the fozzy with 42k miles. I had been looking for a new car for a while, and I was really eyeing the FXT since I could get an 04-05 in my price range finally. A few had popped up in the NW over a few months that were 5spds but they all had 70k and that made me nervous, plus they were all over priced. So after looking at a few 05 OBXTs, I noticed that a Ford dealer had one for I decided to go down there. When I saw it, it was mint, and I knew I had to have I decided to go in and make a deal...and ended up with 16k OTD.

4/15/2010 - STI Pink Wagon Springs and WRX TR struts.

4/20/2010 - STI Scoop, STI axleback

4/21/2010 - 20% Tint

5/5/2010 - Installed Avic D3 in double din Dash pod and 09 Legacy key.

5/24/2010 - 18" VW BBS RC, STI Rear sway, SS fender braces.

6/18/10 - Finally got all my parts for an STI setup. VF39/TMIC/04 ECU
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