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Your forum "Public Profile" - how to fill this out!

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Welcome to the community!
For the best forum experience, we recommend completing your "Account Details". The information you enter there will display when members click "About" in your forum profile. You can also create a custom "Signature" that will display every time you make a forum post.

The additional information you provide could mean getting forum member replies... help, or not!
Click on this link to access your "Account Details":
Once there, you should be at "Account Details". There, you can fill out your details. The main one that you want to fill out is your vehicle details, as that will display under your avatar every time you post. Take a look at my avatar on the left side of the screen. See what's missing on yours?
Much of the information you can place in your "About" is optional, but the vehicle details and your location is recommended, as that information will display under your avatar.

An example - don't forget to click "SAVE" when done


['07 FSXT Member Journal] ['03 X Member Journal]
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