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The Blackwell Files, LLC is looking for Several Medium to Large-Sized Dogs (50 lbs. & up) along with their dog owners for a PAID ($600/Full Day) PRINT AD & BROADCAST TV SHOOT for a well-known car company (Car company will be announced at the casting). The dogs will be the main focus of the shoot. There will be no speaking parts for the Humans on this shoot.

If you have a dog that fits the description above and is available for this shoot between the dates of April 28 - May 10 please email us the following to [email protected]:

1) Please email us a couple of images of you and your dog (no large files, please)
2) Please include your dog's Weight & Age
3) Please describe their temperament, are they good with other dogs and are they friendly to strangers, etc...
4) Confirmation of their availability between the dates of April 28 - May 10 (the shoot will only be one day)
5) You and your dog's name & phone number

Please feel free to forward this letter to any family members, friends or neighbors who might be interested in this project.


CASTING SESSION DATE (Times to be Announced)
Tuesday / April 20th
(The client would like us to take specific shots of the dogs at the casting and present them the images before they make their final selection)

The address will be given out if we contact you for an appointment.

IF chosen for the shoot, you and your dog will be paid a total of $600 / Full Day

You will need to be available between April 28 - May 10, the client is unsure which date they will be shooting. The shoot will only be one of these days.

Bay Area

If there is an overwhelming response, we may not be able to invite everyone to the casting.

If your dog fits the description of what the client is looking for, we’ll contact you regarding the details of the casting. There are absolutely no casting fees or charges of any kind. The photographs you submit will not be used for any purpose other than as a reference for us, as we search for people to participate in this photo shoot.

Please do not send us prints in the mail.

Normally we do not cast dogs for shoots, but this is a special casting. If you and your dog attend the casting, but are not selected for this particular photo shoot, your photo will remain on file for future opportunities. Our clients include: Sony, Visa, Kaiser, Yahoo, BMW, Bank of America etc… see our website for more information about our company:
The Blackwell Files specializes in REAL PEOPLE casting… The Blackwell Files | Real People Talent


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I have 2 mutts fitting the description!

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Yes, we can see it. I thought it was a sculpture of a dog at first! hehe.

How'd you bribe your pup to sit there like that?
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