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Yet another TPMS Question - best DIY TPMS solution?

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I've searched for some info here but haven't had much luck. What's the best solution for DIY TPMS work? Looks like some folks use ATEQ?

I have a 2013 XT with snow tires on steel rims from Tire Rack. I have the sensor ID codes. They're Schrader sensors as far as I can tell.

I want to get the car's TPMS system to recognize them. Would rather do it myself, but I keep reading some bad reviews of products I've found (on Amazon mostly), so I thought I'd ask the people with the same vehicle.

If I missed a relevant thread, just point my blind *$$ in that direction. :grin2:
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I just did this for my '09 XT. Parts I used were:

When I got new tires mounted, I had the tire shop install the new sensors, but for whatever reason, they couldn't get the light to turn off. And so I purchased the ATEQ products listed above, followed the instructions in the Windows App, and was able to get the light to disappear.

Note: The VT31 may not be necessary in your case if the battery in your sensors are still good. For me, I wasn't sure if the tire shop was able to wake up the new sensors and so I bought/used it just as a precaution.
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