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I use to be a Xzilon rep in my area. I applied this product to all sold cars New and Used for a few dealerships for a paint protection. If applied right it works well. It all about prepping the vehicle before applying the product.

For new vehicles - Give it a good hand wash. Dry it with a clean shammy then apply the product.*If needed clay bar it with fine grit to remove any sort of contamination from transports or manufactures process. 2 coats is ideal.

For used vehicles - Give it a good hand wash. Dry with clean shammy clay bar down with fine or medium grit. Depending on how old or how bad of shape the paint looks. Sometimes a medium grit can leave a haze behind and will require a high speed orbital or a light buff Then apply the product. again with 2 coats is ideal.

Then give your ride a good hand wash every 2 weeks minimal to keep it at best.
The dealerships i worked for sold it as a paint protection package exterior and interior for $500-$750 a car. Which is ridiculous but people paid it :/ I have my own personal stash of this product and have some left over that i will never use. I can NOT provide a warranty for this product. Buying from a dealer would be able to provide a warranty!

I have the following products up for grabs.

35x bottles of Xzilon Green Molecular Adhesion paint protection. $40 each. (Applied to wheels, paint, and windshields which acts like rain X.)
1x Gallon of Xzilon Green cloth protection. $70
1x Gallon of Xzilon Green leather and vinyl protection. $70
1x Gallon of Xzilon Mink oil for leather. $130

All prices include shipping to lower 48.

This product protects from:
Bird Drops & Etching
Water Spotting
Tree Sap
Loss of Gloss
Acid Rain
Love Bug Damage

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