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XT on order

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Hello all!

My wife and I have a XT Touring w/Eyesight on order to replace her orphaned 08 Saturn Astra. Ordered it December right before the cutoff, supposed to arrive in March- no changes in status yet but fingers are crossed, and we are trying to remain patient...

This will be our third Subaru. First was a 99 Legacy GT Limited, bought used and cheap with a fair number of miles. Fairly nice car in theory, but mine was somewhat patched together from previous neglect and had a lot of annoying problems. I blamed the owner rather than the manufacturer and replaced it with a gently-used 2005 WRX wagon, which has proven a solid, reliable, fun car.

We chose the XT because it essentially is almost everything we love about my WRX, but more comfortable and with more room. We looked at a lot of of cars, but ultimately the XT was exactly what we wanted- and the substantial IMBA VIP discount really helped finalize the decision.

Even though our Astra has half the miles of my WRX, and gets better MPG than it or the XT, the WRX is the car we are keeping. With the death of the Saturn brand (and our car in particular being a European-made Opel, only sold in the US for one year) we don't feel very comfortable about what kind of support that will be available long term. It's nice knowing my car has a ton of resources both locally and online that will help keep it going for a long time, and I'm excited to see the Forester has a similar level of support with this board!
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Welcome! Congrats on your upcoming XT!

I'm considering the XT with Eyesight as well, for very similar reasons; I just haven't completely made up my mind yet. I looked at one last time I was at the dealer having my '09 serviced and well....let's just say I didn't dare take it for a test drive. It would likely be parked in my driveway if I had :biggrin:
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