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So, after driving a '06 Outback Limited and a '08 Impreza (both non turbos with the 4EAT, both 125k miles) as loaner cars while my XT's turbo is getting fixed up... I find that my XT's transmission is really quick on unlocking the torque converter when I give it gas. I can only give it little throttle before it unlocks... like, barely fine for keeping up with speed, but only slightly more and the RPM jumps around 500rpm more. My car has 90k miles.

They are much harder to unlock on both the Impreza and the Outback, which actually feels nicer than my XT. I can give it some throttle and feel the engine push forward before the tranny "breaks loose" and gives extra juice without downshifting.

Which behaviour seems more normal for an XT's 4EAT?
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