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2010 forester
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If this has been covered before I appologize in advance. I just got a new 2010 forester last week. (My 98 with 170,000 miles finally died on me)
I have the standard stereo but there is a satelite button on there. I now know that that button is useless. I've had XM for over 5 years and love it. I can continue using my portable unit and plugging it into the aux jack. THe only drag about that is that I've got wires everywhere.
XM sells a mini tuner and I'm wondering if I had that installed if I would be able to access all the information on the screen and control it from the sterring wheel controls? THis is a dedicated tuner that should plug into the back of the stereo. My other question is about the antenna. Does the antenna on the forester function as a satelite antenna also or do I have to run wires for that as well?

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