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X Mode Not Working 19 forester

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Can someone tell me how to know for sure if my x mode is working? When I push it, the downhill assist works but nothing else. I’ve even intentionally gone on icy and muddy hills to see if it did something different but it doesn’t.
The downhill assent lights up green but the car logo does not light up at all.
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Sounds like you have a Premium. Was the vehicle moving? If so, what speed were you traveling?
Mine does Not have all of the options like mud and snow. I thought it only worked at low speed so I was going 5 - 10 mph. I even tried it in my snowy driveway.
FYI - the Deep Mud & Snow setting of the other higher trims is equal to standard X Mode with traction control off in the Premium.

I’ve found for my X Mode to activate, I have to be nearly motionless. The manual states you need to be under 12mph. I get the X Mode screen in the center, between the speed and tach gauges. Honestly, I’ve only used it for the hill descent function while dropping down a steep, deep gravel road. I didn’t need X Mode for any of the snow I’ve hit so far. Good luck figuring it out.
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