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[WTB] 1999 Forester Looking for off road parts

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TLDR: Looking for used off road parts for '99 forester: lift kit, smaller wheels + all terrain tires set, possibly some lights, skid plates, anything else available used.

I have my awesome '99 forester with 193k miles and a fresh head gasket and drive belt.
I put a rooftop tent and a custom mounted roadshower4 on the roof. Is the roof rated for all that weight? Probably not, but I've driven up and down the coast and slept 2 adults + a dog and no problems so far.

Looking to keep this forester until the wheels fall off and is my all around camping/surf/daily car. She's completely capable for what I need it for but would love to enjoy a bit more clearance so I can get to more remote campsites and views.

Looking to get a lift kit, skid plates, hopefully also get a set of smaller wheels that have all terrain tires, any other parts for off road that anyone has lying around I am open to getting them all used!

Thank you!

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