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2003 forester X 4EAT
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Hi, as you can tell by my post count I am very much a newbie!

I have just bought my Mums 2003 Forester X for a killer deal considering its low KM's (120 000) and overall condition. Any way, on with my point...

I want to lower it about 2-3" and as I have read, the way to achieve this is to get WRX Struts and Springs, preferably wagon springs for the rear to help saggy butt, may still have to get 3/8" spacer.

My question is, if I get hold of some 2004-2007 struts and springs, will I have to swap over my rear forester top hats to the rear wrx struts or will they bolt on with out them?

I know it is a newb question but from the reading I have done I still don't know if it is a direct swap of not.

Looking forward to hearing back!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts