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WRX STi driver's side wiper blade assembly and insert

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I think this qualifies as a "product" review, even though it is by Subaru:

I bought a driver's side WRX STi wiper blade assembly for my 04 FXT. Discount price is around $23. The assembly has an air deflector on it to help hold the blade in contact with the window at speed or during windy conditions. It seems to fit and work just fine.

I recently learned from my dealer that the parts numbers for the STi blade assembly and its wiper insert have been superseded:

Old # >>> New #
86542FE020 >>> 86542FE100 (assembly)
86548AE150 >>> SOA591U222R (insert)

Note that the new STi insert is the same part number as for the stock FXT blade insert. It is a little longer than the original STi insert, and it is positioned a little differently in the assembly so that the end of the rubber comes closer to the top of the windshield, but it still fits.
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Thanks Peaty. is where I got the idea in the first place.
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