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Sunday was the last event of our local Novice Rally Series,
we ran the first event in June; but missed the Sno_Git in Washington. This was the Final TSD and we hoped to have some fun.

the five days of rain before the event had most of us excited for some mud, we met up at the drivers meeting and got our notes, then checked out the other cars; there was a 323GTX, a Pulsar GTi, a couple of Hondas and a handful of Imprezas, plus our Forester.

Waiting at the First Regularity and watching the clock.. when your time comes you take off at the set avg speed. (that green sign is the start..)

The first half of the route was around logan lake between Merritt and Kamloops, it is high elevation and we were hoping to hit some snow. The roads stayed solid though and it was a great start to the day;

The second half worked its way back through some of the stages included in the regional Rallies, run at night! The roads got slick and wet and there were a few 'adjustments' made to some of the cars, the worst was an impreza leaving most of its front bumper in the ditch on a slick corner, bummer because these were two new guys coming out to check the sport, hopefully they will be back..

in the end we came in 3rd (again!), we're nothing if not consistant lol.
our times were all under +-28s except for the worst section of mud, where my 'stay on the road' conquered my 'win at all costs'.. 98 seconds late.

Overall we had a blast, I would highly recommend getting into TSD Rallies, all you need is a stopwatch and a calculator. I dig that you have to be on time, not the fastest, because there is always someone out there who is crazier than you..

The next two regional events are in Nov and Feb, run in snow, and are longer and faster. Hopefully we can put together a rally project by then.


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Very nice.

I'll be passing through Merritt/Kamloops a few times spring and summer 2010. Wanna show me and my family around the local track? No speeding, I'll have a full car (me, wife, 2 yr old and 6 month old)


very jealous.
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