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Write-up for installing 4EAT cooler? (merged thread)

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Well, I got a B&M Supercooler. I'm doing everything I can to prep my car for the upgrades that are to ensue very, very soon.

Anyway, I remember on the old site there was a write-up with pics on how to install one of these suckers. However, since I'm still trying to get the old database usable again, I can't find it. Does anyone know of a write-up anywhere? I'm debating whether or not it's something I want to attempt.
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Old thread, I know - looking at adding a cooler to help with the added load from towing. I see all the questions about over-cooling in colder weather and reduced load, and I too wonder about that.

I wonder, why not run the lines from the transmission to the auxiliary cooler first, and then to the water cooled exchanger second ? Wouldn't this mean that engine heat would in effect regulate the CVT fluid temperature in a way, either removing still more heat if the auxiliary cooler could not do enough, or in the case of cold weather, bringing the CVT fluid back up to a normal temperature ? This would seem to me to avoid both the complexity of an oil thermostat, and the hassle of rigging some sort of block, particularly here in the mid-Atlantic shoulder seasons when it could be freezing for a day or two, then 50 to 70 over the next several days.
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