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Would you buy a 2011 Forester XT with 163k miles?

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Hey everyone! This is my first post and I'm trying to become a member of the Forester community! I'm currently selling my 2017 Honda Civic for something that I'm not going to worry about hauling the dogs in, and can start to take down dirt trails and camping. Originally I wanted to take out another loan and get something with Eyesight and something eligible for the SubaruGold warranty but I've changed my mind and for now want something I can just pay cash for with the sale of my civic, and worry about getting a nicer/newer Forester in the future. My budget is a maximum of $12,000 and in my area of Southern California, it's slim pickings. Lots of 2008 and older Foresters, but I personally like the 2009 and above Foresters. I've read to search for 2011 and newer to avoid possibly head gasket issues?

I found what appears to be a SUPER clean 2011 XT with 163k miles that appears to have had all of the right repairs. The owner claims it has the following:
New Subaru short block, Headgaskets done, Rebuilt turbo, and New timing belt and water pump. It looks like it's been really nicely taken care of, and he's only asking $7400 and would probably take $7000. Would you take a chance on a car with that many miles? I like the idea of being under budget, but I also want to make sure I have a car with as few hassles as possible for the 3 or so years I plan on owning it. What do you all think?




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Need to get valves adjusted with Tbelt change, and verify how much of an oil burner it is...bargaining chips to pull down the selling price, also get a mech to look it over.
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