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Would pedders springs fit KYB shocks?

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My new/old Forester 2.0x facelift has pedders set-up (previous owner) and the shocks look to be bad.

It seems that most people rate KYB shocks above Pedders, and so I'm thinking of going that way.

Does anybody know if Pedders (standard ride height) springs would work on KYB shocks, or would I need to replace the springs too? If so, doesn't anybody know which springs would be a good, cheapish option?

I don't want to raise or lower the car.

I suppose that I could just go Pedders, but I doubt that car has had them on for more than 40k miles which doesn't seem great to me.

Many thanks!!

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If the Pedders setup is OEM compatible then the KYB will be OK. You may be able to pick up some part numbers off the springs or struts to double check. Based on past experiences I have no faith in Pedders gear at all.
Thanks. Seems quite hard to find details on matching kyb springs to shocks. I'm still confused
Yes seems you are confused ;-) KYB don't make springs; they're usually coupled with King springs. If you go to your local KYB site you may be able to enter your vehicle details and obtain the necessary strut part numbers.

Knowledge of your country location would be good so as members can then provide appropriate information; based on your Foz model I assume you are based in Europe.
Maybe KYB doesn't market springs where you are? I'm in the UK. KYB springs seem easily obtainable here. Odd!
That is interesting - never heard of KYB springs here and there's none on their local website.
Hi @ChampionAdam !

What do you have decided?
Have you mixed KYB shocks with Pedders springs?

Thank you!
The parts should physically bolt together. Do you know the spring rates of the springs. I run a kyb strut with a king spring and it works great. Not sure if pedders match strut valving to the spring.
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pedders match strut valving to the spring.
Definitely not in my experience they just go by the book for your model regardless of another supplier's spring.
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