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Wondering high reliability or beyond scheduled maintenance blues?

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2019 fossi touring?

Would use it as a daily SFla vehicle with no off road use. My previous cars Accord and current Altima delivered over 200k without any grieve just did the scheduled maintenance. My radar has gone up while reading claims of before 100k to 200k repair horrors from previous older fossi models. Should I just move on and search for another solution or is this ancient history or issues due to off road use?
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Nothing in life is guaranteed except taxes and death. Older Foz's had CVT and engine issues that have since been resolved. The new 2017+ have been very strong and reliable. However, with that being said, like anything, no manufacturer is perfect and even Toyota has lemons and folks with Subaru's still experience issues. Buy what you feel comfortable with and what you like. Nothing lasts forever.

I have owned Subarus dating back to 2013 (13 Impreza, 15 Legacy, 17 Forester XT, 17 Impreza and another 19 Forester) and have owned 5 and never had a single issue that wasn't easily and permanently resolved.
In looking for the 300K vehicle saw an article that mentioned one of of the vehicles as the Foz. Like the Foz touring safety features. Wondering if there is any accident due to a Foz safety feature can deep pocket Subaru be held liable by the Esquires?
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