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I have 2 AWD vehicles (one of them is the XT).

I switch back and forth between winter and summer tire rims on both.

One set is always outside exposed to the elements.

I don't have a garage just a carport with a concrete slab so I can work on my cars, so I hide them behind my shed. My area is VERY VERY VERY secure so I am not that worried about theft.

Do I need to cover each set with a cover while they sit there for 6 months at a time?

The last thing I want is dryrotted expensive to replace crap.

I could store them in my cellar but I like to reserve that for house stuff.

If I was to store them in my cellar, do they still need to be covered?

Do I have to stack them a certain way to be safe?

Thanks for any ideas!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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