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Window shades for kids - soltect window shades

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I just wanted to share my newest purchase of soltect window shades. I hated the window shades that rolled up because they didnt quite cover the whole window and I couldn't roll the windows down without having to roll up the shades which I can't do while driving. Behold the answer.. I'm very happy with them now I can lower the windows with the soltect shades in. They attach magnetically to the window. I opted for the the 6 piece set which came with shades for front rear and cargo sides. I didnt get the hatch shade. I dont use the front ones since my windows are tinted. The fronts dont cover the whole window so you can see the side mirror. It says to be used while parked only on them. Vehicle door Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Family car
Vehicle Car Vehicle door Family car Automotive exterior
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looks great. a bit pricey but i guess its because its made to fit perfectly. I think Maxpider is the main company and if I had to choose I would spend the money on the floor mats instead. Wonder if you can buy only the rear windows because thats all I need.
Yea they were $100 but I figured I waste a $100 on worse things lol. I know you can get the rear hatch shade by itself but i haven't seen it with the side cargo window shades as a set. That would be good for all the pet owners. I guess thats how they get you
Any issues getting them to fit and stay in place? Saw a review or two where people said it would fall off when opening doors because it wasn't tight or snug enough.
So far they fit well and havent fell out. They're held on with magnets that stick to the door frame for the 2nd row windows. The cargo side windows just fits snugly in the window. I've had no issues so far and love that I can open the back windows without having to remove the shades. Much better than the roll up shades I had that didn't cover the whole window and I wasn't able to roll up while driving so I couldn't open the window.
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