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Window not rolling all the way up? - new Dorman motor

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For starters this is second time I have had to replace my drivers window motor.
First time I replaced it I grabbed a motor off of a junkyard 04.
This time I decided to buy a new Dorman motor to hopefully prolong replacing it again.
First time the install went by with no issues. After closing everything up, window went up and down perfectly.
This time my window needs to be pushed down for the first 4” before the motor will begin pulling the window down. I hear the motor running, it just doesn’t roll the window down until you push it down.
When you roll it up, it stops 4” from being fully rolled up and then makes a sound like it’s jumping gears.
Did I mess up the alignment on the regulator teeth or something?
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Tried this, no dice. Is it possible the part is the wrong size? I bought the one everyone recommended though, including autozone part finder.
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