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Will using 'aftermarket' or recycled parts void my warranty?

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Warranties CANNOT be voided. Please familiarize yourselves with the federal Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.
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If you add an aftermarket item that was not installed on your vehicle from the Factory it is most definitely going to cause a warranty issue..

This was originally posted on the CVT temp thread where an additional CVT cooler was installed. The original post got into discussions about voiding the warranty by adding the CVT cooler. Someone got mad and the admins moved the comments about warranty issue here.
Sure take their advice. I'm not talking about fluids, brakes or filters. If you installed a part that was not original and never on you vehicle from the factory. It most certainly will cause warranty issues if that part was determined to be a cause of failure. Again good luck.
When not if your CVT takes a dump you can be rest assured that Subaru will determine that the part you installed is the problem. Then you are stuck paying $8k for a new CVT or are without a working vehicle while you argue with SOA.

I don't need luck as my XT is not altered. Thanks for your concern.
The CVT cooler was not a factory installed item therefore you have modified the system. The warranty info clearly states this will void the warranty. It's in writing with every vehicle Subaru sells.

From page 7 of my warranty booklet:
"Damage or Malfunction Due to Improper Repair
or Unauthorized Parts
These warranties do not cover any part which malfunctions, fails or is
damaged due to any unauthorized alteration or modification made to the
vehicle such as the removal of parts or the installation of parts, equipment
or accessories or improper repairs or adjustments not approved or
recommended by SOA"
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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