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Will 16" steelies from Crosstrek fit 2019 Forester Sport?

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Guess who returns to after being gone for around 7 years. GodWhomIsMike!!!!!

Since my '09 Forester XT Limited, I went on to a 2011 Kia Sportage SX ( traded out in less than 2 years) and then a 2014 Crosstrek Limited, and now a 2016 Crosstrek Limited.

Heading in to my dealership tonight to speak with the person who sold me the 2016 Crosstrek and looking to trade in for a 2019 Forester Sport in white with 24 package. Hoping to be able to trade out within this week or next. The one must have accessory I need ASAP is Part # L101SSJ000 - Trailer Hitch – 2019 Forester - Class One Hitch, Receiver Size 1 1/4 Inch, 150 Pound Tougue Weight. 1,500 Towing Capacity.

Anyone know if the 16" steelies (winter wheels) from my Crosstrek will fit the 2019 Forester Sport? I will need a new set of Winter tires as my Blizzak WS80 tires are at 4/32 after running them on my '14 and then '16 Crosstrek.
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@GodWhomIsMike Welcome Back!
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Anyone find some traction for the OP's question?
I know they would clear the rotors on the 2015 forester, what size rotors do the 2019's have vs the 2015 it was very close.

however not all wheels are the same (obviously) so the easiest thing to do might be to test fit one and see if it rubs.

I know the 2018 front rotor is the same size as the 2015 but was unable to find a front brake rotor size for the 2019
From what I've heard, the 2019+ Forester uses 5x114.3 bolt Pattern. The wheels won't work.
Thanks for the info guys. The bolt pattern and rim fitment for caliper clearance and offset were my main concerns. My older '13 Crosstrek winter wheel set will be put up for sale.

I've bought my winter snow tire/steel wheel combo from Tire Rack over the years, but they don't have any steel wheels listed yet for the '19 Forester. I called and they are simply waiting to get one in to do some sizing... hopefully soon as I don't like to put the aluminum ones to the salt we have here in the NE.

Thanks again,
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