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Will 05 Tail Lights fit my 08 FXT?

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I like the tail lights on the 05 Forester and was wondering if it would fit my 08 FXT. Sounds wierd but I prefer the tail lights on the 05 to my 08 tail lights and the tail lights that come on the 08 FSXT which are an option I think might be too dark. I also upgraded the front grill and spoiler to the sports version since I had the Limited and because of that I lost the use of my front fog lights if that makes a difference for the tail lights. Thanks
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They are a direct swap.
They are a direct swap but you will have to reuse the harness from your '08 tails.
The 03-05 models had the harness wired directly into the car, while the 06-08 had a seperate harness that could be unplugged.

But yes they are essentially a direct swap.
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