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2005 Forester EJ251, 2011 Forester FB25
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I have a 2005 SG Forester with two keys.

I purchased a (half-price) genuine key with remote locking buttons and a non-genuine key off ebay without the press-button remote locking transmitter.

Both have the correct chip and the factory manual says I can set up the car with four keys maximum. It's easy DIY on the older SG models.

Does anyone know who can cut the key and program the chip in Sydney?

I went to my local key cutter and he said his chip programmer box was a cheap model and said it would only work with his chip brand. He said I would have to fit his chip to each key. That's $400 without cutting the two spare keys. Way to much for me.

Looking forward to any assistance you might be able to give.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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