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Whiteline com c top mounts

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I bought these about 18months ago they stayed on the car for about 4 months until I noticed this .

Before I got these I heard that originally they had problems with the bearing but this problem was overcome with a koyo sealed bearing and the rubber had been improved.

Hats off to Scooby World who reimbursed me immediately after I sent them a picture , however I didn't get reimbursed for the money that I spent on geometry at Abbey Motorsort.

Perhaps the forester is too heavy for them as Whiteline don't list these for the SG9...… as far as know


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What was the cost of the geometry set up at abbey motorsport? Benefits and the like? I've recently added some BC racing coilovers and I would like them set up properly. Thanks in advance.
Its about £200 . transforms the car .I know it sounds a lot but its not enough knowing that you get excellence and peace of mind that its been done right first time to your spec .
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The Com-C mounts have had issues for years. I have a set that failed, got warranty replacements, but have yet to install them..
Lockheed, the KCA335 are listed for the Forester on scoobyworld - are these the ones you used?
Subaru WRX STI Performance Parts | Scoobyworld | Whiteline Subaru Forester - Front Strut Mount offset assembly

There is also a KCA409, although i'm not sure what the difference is:
Subaru WRX STI Performance Parts | Scoobyworld | SUBARU Impreza Sedan Whiteline Front Strut Mount

Did you notice much difference with them fitted? I'm trying to sharpen up the turn in/centre response; hoping some more caster angle will help.
Solid camber plates ( and a touch of toe out at the front) dramatically improve turn in .

Pound for pound this is the best modification ive done. They do not make the car harsh they just allow the suspension to do its work with out the strut moving around within the rubber.

This along with a proper geo will lead to very spirited driving.

You could try the free caster mod and use group n top mounts and stiffer ARB for the rear.

I don't want to appear patronising but I really wouldn't buy the Com C product , it was garbage when they brought it out , it was still garbage when they improved it.

Originally when I told Scooby world about this they said White line wanted them back to see what went wrong with them this pleased me (slightly) so I boxed them up ready send back,
then asked them where I should send them and they said don't bother White Line knows what the problem is .

So why sell a product that they know is rubbish
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