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White 2019 Sport with roof basket, shovel and axe

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Added Yakima Offgrid medium with Rhino Rack Spade shovel and Gerber 36-Inch Power Splitting axe to my 2019 Forester Sport. All locked in securely with common SKS key. Now ready for summer camping ahead. Still surprising quiet on the road and I didn't notice any new wind noise on the highway, and no real difference in the gas mileage after adding these.

My next project is to add Lachute Performance Axle Back and aluminum engine guard that are coming in next week, along with few other OEM accessories. And swap the mediocre factory Falken tires with Yokohama Geolander A/T G015. I really considered BFG K02 tires for more aggressive look but they are not available in the stock 225/55-18 size, so I'll need to spend more money on new 17" wheels. I think Geolander is a good compromise as it will provide better gas mileage and improve paved road manner/noise while still offering light offroad and severe snow driving capability.

This is my very first Subaru and I like it a lot so far. I paid only $28k for pretty much fully loaded Sport model (MSRP over $33k). For nearly the same price as a top of the line Civic Touring sedan, you get an amazing compact SUV (but interior room is more like a mid-size SUV) with tons of features and go-anywhere AWD capability. This will be my daily commute car and occasional light offroad camping and winter ski trips.


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Hey there - considering basically the same setup and had a quick question. By chance, does the mounting of the basket block the torx screws of the aero bars? I'd love to keep on the car for weeks at a time here in Brooklyn and use the lock core kit, but if the aero bar hardware is easily accessed, while the locking basket is helpful it might not be enough to make me comfortable leaving regularly overnight.

Also, still happy with it overall? I'm looking at the large and medium+ extension as well but both seem like a less ideal fit and like they'd significantly block the panoramic roof.

Thanks and great looking ride!
Could you please complete your profile; vehicle details at least; thanks. The thread will be closed if not done soonish. For detail instructions pls refer: Your forum "Public Profile" - how to fill this...
Updated thank you!
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