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2004 Subaru Forester XT
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Hello fellow Foresterians!

I guess the time has come to sell. I've been putting this off for 2 months, but I just don't need so many vehicles, and the wife says we need to free up the driveway. I've only had this car for a little over a year, but have loved every minute of driving it. This is my third Subie (my previous 2 were WRXs, and this is just as fun to drive, but more room to haul) and probably not my last. I traded my bugeye WRX for this Forester last year and thought I would miss my manual, but this 4EAT is a great tranny!

This has a clean Carfax and I can provide a copy to anyone interested. I got this from a guy here in Tennessee who was a small time dealer. He had traded another car of his for this at a dealer in South Carolina. He only had it a couple months before I talked him into trading with me.

Now for the details. I wish I had a little bit more history of the car, apart from Carfax, but I do know that it has been well taken care of all its life. This is a very clean car, with a nice black leather interior with heated seats and heated mirrors. It doesn't appear to have ever been smoked in or abused. The driver's side carpet is starting to show a little wear around the dead pedal, and there's a small tear (about 1/2") on the pass side rear door upholstery. Other than that, the interior is very nice. The leather seats are still holding up very well. I replaced the shifter surround with a manual boot, just because I think it looks so much better than that light up auto surround.
Here's the only problems that I'm aware of on this car. The center stack gauges (above the radio) do not all work. The boost gauge is functioning, but the other 2 gauges (voltmeter and oil temp, and the clock) have not worked while I've had the car. I've read that this may be a simple fix, but I've just not had time to do it. The other issue is the infamous blinking CEL/Cruise Control lights. The Cobb AP shows this to be a evap system leak. I replaced the fuel cap and it went off for a while, but will intermittently come back on. It seems to stay off mostly on cold days, but will start flashing sometimes after it gets warmer out. The cruise control works fine when the lights aren't flashing, but it is not functional when they do flash. Other than that, I have no complaints about the car, and it has proven to be very reliable and a blast to drive.
Here are some upgrades that I know of that me & previous owners have added (this may not be exhaustive, but this is what's obvious:
Stormcar BOV
Perrin intake
Mishimoto all aluminum radiator (lifetime warranty)
Mishimoto silicone radiator hoses
Gates serpentine belt
Grimspeed Oil/Water seperator
Grimspeed downpipe
TurboXS catback exhaust & muffler (just recently installed)
Perrin brake reservoir cover
Trans fluid cooler
BC Racing Adjustable Coilovers on all 4 corners (I also have the rear adjuster extenders)
18x9.25 XXR black chrome wheels with "STI" center caps (unfortunately the previous owners left some curb rash on a couple of these) - tires (Cooper Zeon 245/40) still have good tread
Cobb AP and custom dash mount
Manual shifter surround and boot (as mentioned above) and "STI" style shifter knob
Pioneer Mixtrax bluetooth CD/Radio headunit
STI style front grille with Forster "F" emblem
"Forester" fog light lens covers
Roof and top of rear spoiler recently (professionally) repainted gloss black (and this looks awesome! - makes me want to paint the whole car black)
Rear emblem delete
Carbon fiber wrap on rear hatch (but this is bubbling on one corner). I have some extra wrap I can throw in if you want to rewrap it.
WELLvisors JDM style window rainguards
This does the have the center console extended arm rest (the top latch is broke, but it still stays closed, just doesn't latch)
Super bright LED headlights, LED parking lights, LED license plate bulbs, LED interior courtesy lights
Cobb rear wiper delete (I still have the wiper motor and arm if you want it - it still works)
All-weather "Subaru" floor mats and rear cargo mat
I just recently replaced the center console rear cupholder. It was broke but I found one on ebay to replace
I also painted the gauge cluster surround to silver/gray to match the center stack
This even still has the rubber inserts in the cupholders
The sunroof works flawlessly and is HUGE!
AC blows ice cold and heater gets super hot!

I don't know any history on the engine internals or anything that's been done to it. But I do know that it runs strong and fast! I would guess that it has been rebuilt somewhere along its life.
The 16 year old paint is starting to show its age. It still looks great and shines bright, but it has chipped in a few places. I was planning on repainting next year, but I have too many projects already. The rear hatch paint is the worst. It just recently started peeling on me. The body is straight, but if you get close enough from the right angle, you can see the normal parking lot dings (nothing major). One of the factory mudflaps has split and is being held together with a ziptie. I have a set of rally armor mud flaps that I'll throw in with the sale. There is also a small square hole behind the front license plate. It looks like somebody backed into the front bumper with a trailer hitch receiver. The license plate covers it up, but I may keep my Japanese plate (its a true plate from Japan).
I also have a rear diff skid plate that I pulled from the junk yard. It needs cleaned up, but I'll include it also.
I probably have 3 or 4 Subaru oil filters laying around, and a Perrin turbo heat shield that I'll throw in. And if I find any more parts, I'll include them too.

Mileage is around 211,500, but I would not hesitate to drive this anywhere. This is a rust free car. I'll try to include as many pictures as I can upload, even under the car is super clean. If you want more pics, not a problem, just let me know. I can send videos too.
I have already transferred registration to another vehicle, so I can't drive this anywhere to meet, you'll have to come to me. I'm located in East TN, just about 40 miles east of Knoxville, right off I-81.

That's all I can think of right now. I'd like to get $6500 but I'm open to reasonable offers. Don't miss your chance to get a rust free solid FXT with lots of upgrades! I am also listing this locally, but I'm going to wait a couple days to give you Subie heads first dibs. I'd much rather see this great car go to someone already involved in the Forester community.

Thanks for looking! Now check out the pics. (Apparently I can only attach 10 pics, I'll try to add more daily, or figure out a link to put on here)


2004 Subaru Forester XT
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Listing update: got the flashing cel and cruise light turned off today. Thanks to help in the forums, I discovered that it was just a vacuum hose that came loose.

2004 Subaru Forester XT
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I apologize for the delay in replying. I had not checked my in a couple days. Yes, the car is still available. I’ve had some local interest in it but nobody has produced any cash yet
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