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2009 Forester 5spd MT
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Which one would you guys prefer? Trying to go for something low-profile, and the Whispbar looks like it does sit lower. I know the Aeroblade will be a bit more pricey since it doesn't come with locks. I currently have a cheap Rage Motorsport rack I got off craigslist in which I don't trust the locking mechanism since it only locks on one side.
Based on your profile photo I assume you have factory siderails.

If you're mainly going for low-profile I would recommend the thule aeroblade edge or the yakima whispbar rail bar system because both lay pretty much flush with you existing siderails. My dad owns yakima bars on his volvo and I own thule aeroblades on my forester and both are high quality in my mind. I don't think you can go wrong with either brand. I was originally going to buy the yakima setup, but found a better deal on a thule system.

I have the Thule Aeroblade load bars and Thule Rapid Crossroad 450R feet on my 09 Premium. Low-profile wasn't really a concern to me, mainly just a quiet setup that can hold my kayaks and bikes so that is an option for anyone who isn't concerned for low-profile.

Hope this helps!
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