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2005 Forester Automatic
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OK, I have a whine that might be new, might be just me listening more carefully of later after killing the front axle during an engine removal.

There is no rumble like a bearing. Its a whine. And the pitch does does not vary much, but then, it seems like it only happens after about 72 mph and I seldom drive over 74 or so. So I don't really know what happens at higher speeds.

What also is evident is that the noise goes away when I let off the gas. And it goes away when I am going down hill. And when I pop it into neutral. And its a touch louder going up a grade.

Rear end oil was changed about 20k miles ago with good synthetic going back in. I've had the rear end up and spun the tires and I don't hear much. Things feel smooth.....

I probably should change the rear end fluid but I am also thinking that the whine is maybe nothing and I should just drive it. Could be a rear axle going? Early wheel bearing? Pinion?
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