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2008 Forester XT
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Hey guys - I'm putting together an upgrade to 18g:

turboxs tmic
walbro 255 pump
dw 740cc injectors
blouch td06 18g 8cm

already have cobb turboback exhaust and accesport, so I'd like to install the new bits and tune. My question: anything else you'd recommend installing at this time to help throttle response/spool time? Have you a noticed a BIG improvement from going to an EWG, or P&P manifold, or CAI?

Any experiences are useful - I'd like to get this right the first time...;)


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Turbo inlet, MAF hose, CAI or SRI, STi exhaust manifolds, catless up-pipe (if your XT is pre-2006). TGV deletes and phenolic spacers are optional (but helpful), depending on if you remove the intake manifold to install a turbo inlet.
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