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Hello All,

This is my first post. I just acquired my first subaru!! It's a 2000 forester s and was looking to get some wheel information. I tried searching for it but there doesn't seem to be too much info on the older foresters.

What are the stock dimensions of oem 16" (width/offset etc.)? Which subaru wheels from what years will fit my forester? I am specifically interested in legacy wheels and wrx wheels. I apreciate any and all info as i am new to the subaru family. Thanks in advance

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subaru wheel offset


google "subaru wheel offset"

Great information. It helped me decide which wheel for my Forester
16 with the same offset 48:
Baja and Forester XT
17 with the same offset 48
2006 Outback

As you can see
Legacy & WRX have 55 offset.
and will cause some problems.
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