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Fully depends on what you intend to power with the inverter, and how it will be plugged/wired into the car.

The DC plugs in the car (at least my 2016) share a 20A fuse, and are individually rated to 10A, which is somewhat confusing. A 150W inverter should work fine in either DC plug, if the device you want to power pulls more than that, hardwire it to the battery with big wires. Your mileage will vary with loads surging over 150W, but continuous shouldn't be a problem at that level.

I have wired my car to power a fridge when driving/parked, and charge a 2nd battery that powers the fridge when camping. Its pretty easy to run wires for larger loads if needed. I considered inverters for both of these purposes, but DC-DC power ended up being the easier way to do it.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts