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2002 was a skoda octavia manual
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Annual mileage 30k in journeys of 30 miles.
Average speed over 2 years including several long motorway trips 37mph
50% single track roads surfaced with granite chippings rollered into tar. Mostly covered with thin layer of mud from tractors pulling in off the fields. Prone to flooding.
50% ‘A’ roads very little chance to overtake due to blind bends/hills. Holiday traffic in summer pootling at 40mph and tractors. Lots of standing water at kerbside Sept to March
Pembrokeshire traveling between St. Ishmaels (home), St. Davids (work) and Tenby (mother in nursing home).
I have been using a haldex (gen 1) estate with all season tyres which has proved adequate in terms of grip. Having lost it in a recent flood I am now looking at alternatives. It was costing me 20p a mile (30mpg) plus £1000 year on repairs as I no longer have time to do my own.
Realistic budget is 10k leaving me 5k for surprises.
Other considerations:- Where is the nearest independent Subaru garage to me?
If I use a local garage to sort out problems at what stage is specialist computer diagnostic equipment necessary? Would say a 2010 Forester need a laptop to wind back brake calipers for example? Is it possible to get diagnostic software for later Subaru like for example VCDS for VAG?
I am older so insurance not too much of a problem. Last year whilst considering an imported 2004 Outback H6 3.0 I was quoted £350.
Higher road tax not too much of a consideration as petrol will be major cost.
Older model 2008 or go for 2013 ?
Imported vs UK?
Manual vs auto?
Its not really about enjoyment but practicality.

Any suggestions welcome as well as alternatives (Outbacks, XV etc)

Thank you


04 FSTi Manual
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This ^^^^^^

I had my MY2006 for 10 years and the only thing that failed was the aircon. Never let me down.

The XV has a ridiculously small boot.
This ^^^^^^ as well, the only thing i ever needed to change on my 02 sport was the clutch. Used to get around 28-30mpg and it handled the gravel roads and snow and ice brilliantly.
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